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Our store is closed

We regret to inform you that it has become unfeasible for me to keep the business running in these difficult times. I regretfully inform you that Natural Layers and Dropship My Bundles is permanently closing its shop effective Jan 20th, 2022. There is no easy way to talk about closing our businesses. The situation has become unavoidable because of economic slump and Covid-19 disruptions. In the light of developing Covid-19 crises, our factory in Vietnam had not been left untouched. We have lost most of our staff due to Covid-19 and clientele. We will no longer be taking orders effective Jan 20th. We will be in touch with you regarding pending orders or payments. It was our sincere effort to not only provide world-class merchandise but also excellent customer service over the years. With the advent of online grocers, we are unable to match the pricing and hence unable to function profitably. We understand that you have been an important customer to us, and we are sorry to inconvenience you with the closure. If you need help finding another vendor, we will gladly assist you for free. We genuinely thank you for your loyalty and appreciate your references over the years. You have been one of the best customers that we are sorry to lose in such unfortunate circumstances.